Venn Vision Grants

Venn Vision Grants

Venn Vision Grants are designed to encourage the formation of small groups of Dartmouth scholars. The grants aim to motivate faculty of all ranks to reach out to Dartmouth colleagues in concrete ways for inspiration and self-education to enrich their individual scholarly projects.

What are Venn Vision Grants?

Venn Vision Grants are grants of up to $30,000 to promote shared scholarly engagement within groups of 3-4 Dartmouth scholars. Funds may be spent at any time over a 2-year period and in a variety of ways. Examples include group participation in conferences or symposia; hosting scholarly guests to serve as interlocutors for the group; group travel; paying undergraduate research fellows; editorial assistance for collective publications; a writing retreat; buying software; etc. The Leslie Center director and all members of each Venn Vision group must sign off on each expenditure as part of the group's work.

Why are Venn Vision Grants being made available?

Venn Vision Grants are a new funding opportunity offered by the Leslie Center for the Humanities to encourage cross-pollination of ideas among small groups of Dartmouth faculty whose research interests overlap in some significant way. The intention of the grants is to enrich individual scholarly and creative projects by catalyzing intersection and interdisciplinarity in the work of Dartmouth colleagues.

Who is eligible for a Venn Vision Grant?

Groups of three to four Dartmouth faculty members of any rank (including postdoctoral fellows, lecturers, tenured and tenure-line faculty) are eligible for a Venn Vision Grant. Each group must include at least two members from Arts or Humanities departments or programs, at least one of whom must be a tenure-line faculty member, with no more than one postdoctoral fellow per group.

What is the deadline for applying for a Venn Vision Grant?

Applications are due by June 3, 2024, for grants to be used by June 30, 2026.

Venn Vision Grant Application

Step 1:  BEFORE you open the application form, please log in to your Dartmouth Google account using your Dartmouth email address.

NOTE:  You will not be able to open the form using your personal Google account.

Step 2:   AFTER you've logged in to your Dartmouth Google account (step 1 above), click here to open the Venn Vision Grant application form.


The Leslie Center is in the process of building an "Intersections" page on our website to provide timely information about Dartmouth colleagues' areas of inquiry and expertise. We invite you to participate now by uploading a brief description of any current projects through the "Intersections" submissions link, below. When we launch the page, you will be able to search through the descriptions and keywords of colleagues' projects. We will keep the page up to date as projects develop over time. In addition to helping you find partners for Venn Vision Grants, "Intersections" will serve as an ongoing resource for learning about the most current work happening in the Arts and Humanities at Dartmouth.

Intersections Faculty Project and Research Information Form