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"Humanities 1 & 2 for First-Year Students"

Students in the Class of 2027 are invited to apply for Humanities 1, Dialogues with the Classics and Humanities 2, The Modern Labyrinth. This is a selective, interdisciplinary, two-term sequence for up to 100 first-year students. Humanities 1 is a 2023 Fall term course and Humanities 2 will follow in the 2024 Winter term.  If you are accepted into the HUM sequence, you may choose to enroll in either one or both of the offered courses.  HUM 1 fulfills the First-Year Writing 5 requirement; HUM 2 fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirement.  Further information on the HUM sequence is available here.







Student Funding Opportunities

The Leslie Center offers to two kinds of funding to Dartmouth students pursuing research and career opportunities in the humanities: Student Research Fellowships and Student Professional Development Fellowships.

Student Research Fellowships offer up to $1,800 for faculty-supervised research or creative projects in the humanities.

Student Professional Development Fellowships offer up to $1,800 for participation in unpaid internships or attendance at scholarly meetings.

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Faculty Project Funding

The Leslie Center awards fellowships to full- or part-time faculty of any rank, undergraduate students, and graduate students to support distinguished research or creative projects.

Explore funding opportunites HERE.