Student Research Fellowships

About the Research Fellowships

Leslie Center Student Research Fellowships for Summer 2023 and beyond will offer up to $1,800 to currently enrolled students for faculty-supervised research or creative projects in the humanities.  These fellowships are not to be used for research assistantships, but rather to support students' independent mentored research projects.  Students may receive up to two Research Fellowships in their time at Dartmouth.

Students who receive Research Fellowships will be required to submit a brief report at the end of the project term, detailing progress made on the project.

Students who are interested in a Research Fellowship should complete and submit the Student Research Fellowship application, below.  Also required in addition to the application is an endorsement of your application from your faculty advisor, which can be provided as an email message sent by the advisor to

Students should share with their advisor the following information regarding faculty endorsements.  In the endorsement:

  • The faculty member describes the same project the student has proposed.
  •  The faculty member confirms that this project has educational value for the student's overall education plan. 
  • The faculty member asserts that the project is viable in the proposed timeframe. 
  • The faculty member approves the weekly plan and distribution of time. 
  • The faculty member commits to overseeing the work and meeting regularly with the student.

APPLICATION DEADLINES:  Applications must be submitted by the 10th of the month that precedes the term in which the fellowship will take place (August 10 for Fall term, December 10 for Winter term, February 10 for Spring term, or May 10 for Summer term.  Applications received after the 10th of the month that precedes the term in which the fellowship will take place will not be considered. 

Questions regarding the Student Research Fellowship can be sent to

To access the application, you will need to open Dartmouth Google and log in with your Dartmouth ID and password.  

Leslie Center Student Research Fellowship Application