Humanities Institute Grants

Funded by the Leslie Center, Humanities Institutes provide an opportunity for scholars from Dartmouth and other institutions to spend a term working together on a topic of common interest. 

Program Details

Humanities Institute activities vary but usually include weekly seminar-type meetings, some public lectures, and perhaps an affiliated symposium. The Institute should normally encourage scholars from different fields to engage in scholarly production (the latter possibly including the publication of a book consisting of work by members of the institute).

Depending on the specific topic and goals of a particular Institute, the group might consist of some combination of the following (including course releases, the cost of any Institute is typically in the $150,000 range, with $200,000 as the absolute maximum contribution from the Leslie Center):

  • A Dartmouth faculty director (sometimes co-directors)
  • A senior fellow from outside the college (to be designated the William H. Morton Distinguished Senior Fellow) and/or visiting lecturers. The senior fellow will receive a temporary faculty appointment at a fee to be negotiated.
  • Up to four junior fellows from outside the college, who will each receive stipends of $7,500
  • Up to four Dartmouth fellows, including the director(s), who will each receive a one-course relief based on leadership roles in the Institute
  • Up to four Dartmouth faculty members other than the chosen fellows, who will receive research stipends of $1500
  • Additional Dartmouth faculty members admitted without Center funding.

Applying for a Grant


Proposals will be accepted only from full-time Dartmouth faculty members.

Application Deadlines for AY 2024-25

Due by May 1, 2023: A statement of intent to apply (500-word description of the topic, brief possible structure, list of possible Dartmouth faculty and external faculty).

Due by September 1, 2023:  Final application.

Application Procedures

A proposal from one or more Dartmouth faculty members should describe the topic, indicating its research significance and its potential interest to the Dartmouth community. Applicants should indicate in which academic term the institute will be held, and designate the likely Senior Fellow(s), if applicable, or invited speakers. Possible Dartmouth fellows should also be named, with some information about their credentials.

Applicants are encouraged to regard the term "interdisciplinary" as including not only the humanities but the sciences and social sciences as well.

Those brought in from outside Dartmouth need not be senior scholars; institutes may include graduate students, junior faculty from other campuses, and those without any institutional affiliation (independent scholars and artists).

Institutes will be selected on merit, but criteria of selection may also include:

  • Degree of innovativeness
  • Availability of co-sponsorship from other campus or off-campus sources
  • Involvement of faculty with demonstrated continuing interest or expertise in a particular domain
  • Promise of continuing impact on the research or pedagogic undertakings of the college
  • Breadth of interdisciplinary scope

Preference will generally be given to applicants who have not recently conducted a Humanities Institute and/or who have not already received substantial Center funding for similar projects.

Please submit proposals to  If you have questions, contact the Humanities Center Administrator by email or at 603-646-0896.


The Leslie Center provides administrative assistance for organizing an Institute. Any additional funding required for the institute must be obtained from other Dartmouth units.


Dartmouth Participants

Up to four fellowships, carrying a one-course relief, will be competitively awarded to Dartmouth applicants of any academic rank.

Selections will be made by the Institute director(s) and approved by the Director of the Leslie Center and by the Associate Dean of the Faculty for the Arts & Humanities.

The Institute Director(s) will normally be entitled to one of these fellowships each.

Faculty interested in applying should contact the Institute Director. Applicants who do not receive a fellowship may be awarded one of four research stipends of $1,500.

External Fellows

Up to four junior fellowships of $7,500 each will be awarded to applicants from outside Dartmouth. These fellowships will be advertised in venues including The Chronicle of Higher Education, and will generally be awarded to candidates with completed PhDs who may be currently employed in an academic institution or anticipating such employment.

In exceptional cases, ABDs may be considered. Candidates in doubt about their eligibility should contact the Institute director.