Project Co-sponsorships

Information and Application

The Leslie Center accepts applications to co-sponsor events. The application for co-sponsorship is at the bottom of this page.  Please complete and upload the budget worksheet, also located at the bottom of this page, in the application. 

The maximum amount of co-sponsorship funding is $2,500, but is normally substantially less.  Recipients are asked to acknowledge the support of the Leslie Center for the Humanities in any publicity.

The Leslie Center Advisory Committee meets once a month, excluding December, July and August.  Applications recevied by the first of the month in which a meeting will take place will be considered at the meeting that month.  Applications received after the first of the month will be reviewed by at the Advisory Committee meeting in the next month in which a meeting takes place.


Step 1: Complete the Project Grant Expense Budget Worksheet (link below) and save it to your computer.  You will be asked to upload it in the application.

NOTE:  When budgeting for guestrooms at the Hanover Inn or any local hotel, include in the budget the 8.75% tax on the cost of the rooms.

FY24 Hanover Inn Guestroom Rates
FY25 Hanover Inn Guestroom Rates

Project Co-Sponsorship Expense Budget Worksheet

Step 2:  BEFORE you open the application form, please log in to your Dartmouth Google account using your Dartmouth email address.

NOTE:  You will not be able to open the form using your personal Google account.

Step 3:  AFTER you've logged in to your Dartmouth Google account (step 2 above), please click here to complete the application for project co-sponsorship funding.