2019 Faculty Publications in the Arts & Humanities

Enjoy this newsletter from the Leslie Center for the Humanities featuring recent publications by Dartmouth faculty.

Each spring, the Leslie Center for the Humanities hosts a reception in honor of Dartmouth faculty who released publications in the arts and humanities over the past year. We look forward to this annual opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our faculty and their contribution to the humanities, putting their work on display for our community to engage with and discuss.

This year, we are unable to hold this event as planned, but that will not prevent us from recognizing the efforts of the faculty who published new and relevant work in 2019.

In lieu of the reception, the Leslie Center has composed a newsletter presenting a collection of the arts and humanities publications by Dartmouth Faculty released in 2019. This collection includes scholarly monographs, creative writing, edited journals, anthologies, translations, and exhibitions. Subjects range from Dominican writers of the diaspora, to ethnomusicology, the source code of the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer, contemporary French fiction and Chinese Mathematical Calligraphy, to list only a few.

We welcome everyone to download this newsletter and to explore the scope of ideas presented in these publications.

You may access the newsletter here: Newsletter Introduction, Newsletter 1-4, Newsletter 5-8, Newsletter 9-11, Newsletter 12-14, Newsletter 15-17, Newsletter 18-21, Newsletter 22-25