Intermedial Sounding: Conversations on Race, Media, and the Senses

The Venn Vision Group, "Intermedial Sounding: Conversation on Race, Media, and the Senses" invites you to discuss the book, Radio for the Millions by Isabel Huacuja Alonso.

Radio for the Millions: Hindi-Urdu Broadcasting Across Borders (Columbia University Press, 2023) examines the history of Hindi-Urdu radio during the height of its popularity from the 1930s to the 1980s, showing how it created transnational communities of listeners. Isabel Huacuja Alonso traces how people engaged with radio across news, music, and drama broadcasts, arguing for a more expansive definition of what it means to listen. She develops the concept of "radio responses" to understand how radio relied on circuits of oral communication such as rumor and gossip and to account for the affective bonds this "talk" created. Join us for a discussion!

As a group, let us make new inquiries about sound and the senses while drawing attention to histories and stories about underrepresented communities from a wide range of historical periods across culture as well as to forms, ideas, and practices that are centered on sound originated from non-Western contexts. This event is the first in a series to be hosted by the Intermedial Sounding Venn Vision group.


Where: Dartmouth Hall, Room 101

When: Wednesday, January 17, 2024 • 12:00-1:30 PM


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Venn Vision Group Organizers: Yiren Zheng (Society of Fellows and ASCL), Allie Martin (Music), Andrew Simon (Middle Eastern Studies)


This event series is sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities.