Queer History Celebration & Trans Week of Visibility

Throughout the month of October, OPAL offers a series of events to recognize and uplift the queer community at Dartmouth College. Activities began September 24th, and will continue through November 7th.

Please visit the Office of Pluralism and Leadership website for a full list of event details: https://students.dartmouth.edu/opal/community-leadership/heritage-history-celebrations/queer-history-celebration-and-trans-week

"The celebration's goals are:

  1. Build community amongst the LGBTQIA+ community  at Dartmouth
  2. Recognize and uplift Queer  history
  3. Create intentional space centering Trans experiences

These celebrations at Dartmouth are connected to or reminiscent of some national and international days and months of recognition. Queer History Celebration is closely aligned with LGBTQIA+ History Month. Trans Week of Visibility on campus is closely aligned with Trans Day of Visibility, Trans Awareness Week, and Trans Day of Remembrance. We recognize and uplift the many identities that intersect with queerness and their coinciding celebrations, including but not limited to Latinx & Caribbean History Celebration and Indigenous Peoples' Month.

This year's theme is: Always Been Here and Queer

This theme represents the reality that queer, trans, and nonbinary people have lived & loved throughout human history and at Dartmouth.  We want to acknowledge the history, at Dartmouth and beyond, that allowed us to express ourselves this freely today and encourage a sense of pride in the Upper Valley queer community. Through this fall's Queer History Celebration and Trans Week of Visibility, we hope to communicate that as young people, we are actively creating our own history. Lastly, we find it essential to recognize the histories of LGBTQIA+ people of various ethnicities, races, religions, disabilities, and other identities. 

By recognizing this intersectionality, we are creating a world with more spaces for queer education, celebration, and enjoyment. The history and creation of these spaces are the core purposes of QHC and TWOV."