Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble at Dartmouth

Join an interdisciplinary improvisation workshop with the internationally acclaimed Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble, Thursday September 27th through Sunday October 1st. Musicians, film makers, visual artists, theater practitioners and dancers are all welcome.

CALLING ALL musicians, film makers, visual artists, theater practitioners, and dancers! Are you interested in creating interdisciplinary site-specific work this fall on campus?

You're invited to participate in an INTERDISCIPLINARY IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP with the internationally acclaimed NYC based STRIKE ANYWHERE PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLE the week of Sept 27 – Oct 1, 2022.

Strike Anywhere creates original work through Soundpainting, a live-composition sign language. They had a residency with the Hopkins Center last fall '21and now they are back this fall '22 through a Leslie Center grant! To watch footage of some of their Playlist of POP UP performances, click here:

Strike Anywhere teaches the community that theatre can take many forms, and it makes us engage with our own community at large. - Dartmouth Student, 2021

  • The Dartmouth Arts District must prepare for a two-year renovation period without access to familiar spaces including performance venues.
  • This Workshop is designed to introduce students to new ways of devising and presenting original work.
  • How can performance be made and presented? Ideally, Theater students will work with students from the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music, Dance, Film, and Studio Art departments and with Strike Anywhere to create an interdisciplinary performance.
  • All participants will learn 40-60 Soundpainting gestures and will present a set of site-specific Soundpaintings. These Soundpaintings will explore our community's current relationship to the Hopkins Center building and its hopes for the future complex.
  • Leese Walker (Dartmouth '91), the company's founder will lead the movement/improv, and Rolf Sturm will lead the jazz/wind/music -

Rehearsal schedule - REQUIRED REHEARSALS:

  • Tue, 9/27 • 10:10AM – 12:00PM (THEA 90 class)
  • Wed, 9/28 • 3:30PM – 5:30PM
  • Thur, 9/29 • 10:10AM – 12:00PM (THEA 90 class) and 3:30 – 5:30PM
  • Fri, 9/30 • 4:00PM – 7:00PM
  • Sat, 10/1 • 11:00PM – 1:00PM (only if needed) / 2:00PM Public performance


For more info, or if you're interested in joining us, please send email to