Apply for a Research Fellow Position in 19th Century Studies

Students currently enrolled in the courses Humanities 1 or Humanities 2 are eligible to apply for a Research Fellow position in nineteenth-century studies in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Application for Research Fellow Position in Nineteenth-Century Studies


  • students enrolled in Humanities 1 or Humanities 2 in 2021-22.


  • one course in C19, taken either in the first year of study (before the research fellowship) or the second year of study (during the research fellowship) at Dartmouth; this course can be in any department but is subject to vetting/approval by the selection committee


  • one quarter in AY 2022–2023 (Fall, Winter or Spring, not Summer of sophomore year)

Work Expectations and Stipend:

  • active participation in lectures sponsored by the C19 faculty group (about 2x per quarter, with some readings circulated in advance)
  • research support for the faculty advisor
  • independent research: students may choose to design and execute a research project focused on C19; this project can grow from C19 work first developed in Humanities 1-2, or can be a new project developed in the course of the research fellowship (this may be a "one-off" or lay the groundwork for an independent study or honors thesis project)
  • Please note that the project can grow from but needs to be substantially different from work first undertaken in Humanities 1-2: Students may not receive funding and academic credit for the same research.
  • Students may not receive funding from more than one source for the same research.
  • research presentation: the student will hold a 15-20 minute presentation and receive feedback from members of the C19 faculty group either a) on an independent research project or b) on research carried out for their faculty advisor
  • hours: Students are expected to work on this fellowship for 7-12 hours per week throughout the academic term (approximate total of 100 hours).
  • Stipend: A stipend of $1500 will be issued at the end of the term, contingent on confirmation by both the student and faculty research mentor. Timesheets are not required since payment is via stipend rather than hourly wages, but it is strongly recommended that students maintain a document tracking the time spent on the research and the tasks accomplished.


  • statement of purpose (no more than 500 words), due March 15 to Professors Boggs ( and McGillen ( explain why you are interested in this opportunity, how you are or plan to be prepared for this work, what topics you wish to explore  
  • interviews April 1-15, 2022
  • final selection and notification by late April, 2022


Please contact Professor Boggs ( or Professor McGillen ( with questions regarding this opportunity.