"Razor Weaving" with Katia Tirado

Artist and activist Katia Tirado will perform her work, Tejido a navaja, crónicas sobre feminismos indigenas or [Razor Weaving, Chronicles on Indigenous Feminisms] at Dartmouth college, Wednesday October 27, 2021.

Katia Tirado is an artist, actress and body piercing activist. Her artistic practice destabilizes gender constructions and the borders between public and private spheres, using ritualized profantiy and abjection.

Razor Weaving is a complex system of gestures, video montages, and poetic actions in a continuous process. This piece weaves together and intertwines the living memory and struggle of the women in the Zapatista movement–the voices and testimonies of insurgent women. From there, it uncovers the plot that braids together the reasons and contentions behind the great uprising: the women who are at the root and sustenance of the resistance, the unique strength of the rebellion. Tejido a navaja reconstructs and records the magnitude of the struggles faced by insurgent native women.

Razor Weaving, Chronicles on Indigenous Feminisms will be performed Wednesday, October 27, 7:00 pm in the Hop Garage Room 131.

This event is free and open to Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff only (please bring your Dartmouth ID for admission). Seating will be on a first come first served basis.


The program for this performance is available here: razor_weaving_event_program.pdf


This event is sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities, the Department of Theater, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, the Program in Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies, The Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration & Sexuality, and the Department of Native American & Indigenous Studies at Dartmouth College.