Spring/Summer 2021 Events Spotlight

Thank you to all organizing faculty of this past Spring and Summer 2021 for embracing the new work environment and making these vital humanities programs available to everyone.

Humanities Labs

  • Spring 2021 – LATS 37 Mural Project with visiting artists (Douglas Moody)
  • Summer 2021 – Tango Argentino: Music, Dance, Poetry, Community (Noelia Cirnigliaro)


  • Spring 2021 – 2021 White River Indie Film Festival
  • April 1The Will Eisner Spring Lecture: An Hour with Harry Bliss (The Center for Cartoon Studies and the Hopkins Center for the Arts)
  • April 5 -11The Police Violence: Global & Local Perspectives Symposium (collaborative project coordinated by Mary Coffey)
  • April 8The Nahdda & the Haskala: A Comparative Reading of "Revival" & "Reform" with Lital Levy, Princeton University (Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss)
  • April 12Their Names are Mine with poet Rajnii Eddins (Medical Humanities Working Group)
  • April 15The Age of Coexistence: The Ecumenical Frame & the Making of the Modern Arab World with Ussama Makdisi, Rice University (Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss) 
  • April 15 – Humanities Institute Public Lecture: Imperial Accounting with Hazel Carby, 2021 Humanities Institute Visiting Fellow (2021 Humanities Institute)
  • April 16Works and Days: The Diary of Katharine Harris Bradley & Edith Emma Cooper with Carolyn Dever, Dartmouth College (19th Century Working Group)
  • April 20Anti-Racism Pedagogies & Faculty of Color Retention with Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos (Xavier Navarro Aquino, ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow at Dartmouth College)
  • April 29 – The Colonized Semites & the Infectious Disease: Anti-Semitism in the Levant, 1870–1914 with Orit Bashkin, University of Chicago (Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss)
  • April 29 – A Discussion with Ann Goldstein, translator of works by Elena Ferrante, Primo Levi, Elsa Morante, and others (Italian Studies Working Group)
  • May 3 – Academic Publishing with the University of Virginia Press (The Leslie Center for the Humanities and Grant GPS)
  • May 3 – Diversity and Decolonization in Italian Studies Roundtable Discussion (Graziella Parati)
  • May 5Psychoanalysis Working Group Meeting with Todd McGowan, on Lacan's essay "The Subversion of the Subject"
  • May 13 – The Literary Qur'an: Narrative Ethics in the Maghreb with Hoda Al-Shakry, University of Chicago (Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss)
  • May 14Countering the Far Right in Translation Symposium (Yuliya Komska)
  • May 14 – Funny Dostoevsky: A Bicentennial Celebration Conference (Lynn Patyk)
  • May 17 –  Mafias in the Time of Covid-19 with Antonio Nicaso, Queen's University (Italian Studies Working Group)
  • May 18 – Decolonizing Environmental Politics: A Discussion with Arturo Escobar (Environmental Humanities)
  • May 18 – Reparative Translation with Emily Apter (Tarek El-Ariss)
  • May 19 Psychoanalysis Working Group Meeting with Sally Ackerman, discussing Freud's notion of "the unconscious sense of guilt"
  • May 19Propaganda and Personality Cults from Mussolini to Trump with Ruth Ben-Ghiat, New York University (Italian Studies Working Group)
  • May 20 – Work: An Asia/America Studies Symposium Public Lecture with Neferti Tadiar, Barnard College (Mingwei Huang)
  • May 20 – After Jews & Arabs: Remaking Levantine Culture with Ammiel Alcalay, CUNY– Graduate Center (Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss)
  • May 27Cleopatra Mathis Poetry & Prose Series: Kiran Desai (Peter Orner)
  • June 1 – Futures Institute of American Studies (Donald Pease, Jr.)
  • June 3 – Humanities Institute Open Round Table Discussion
  • Summer 2021, From Troy Reading Communities and Public Humanities Pre-conference (Robert Stewart)
  • June 17 – Poetry Reading by Rachel Hadas followed by a discussion with faculty and students (Medical Humanities Working Group)