Create a Three-Minute Podcast!

The Leslie Center for the Humanities invites you to seize the moment and create a three-minute podcast in response to the question: "What are you thinking about now?"

Short format, short timeline: please send in your podcast by the end of the day on Wednesday, July 1st.  to We will then highlight two to three responses at a time on the Leslie Center website.

If you have never tried making a podcast before and are unsure how to proceed, try following this student guide produced by National Public Radio; it makes the steps simple and user friendly: 

NPR also suggests using a free program called Audacity for editing your recordings and provides a glossary of reference terms related to audio editing.

Here is further information from Audacity on how to use their program:

These resources provide the tips, tricks and tools to experiment with audio content. Downloading Audacity will allow you to string together multiple recordings, and to compliment your recordings with layers of music and sound effects. While we hope you will explore the links shared here, it is not necessary to be become an audio-editing expert to contribute your ideas. A simple voice recording of your response to the prompt is also a perfect way to create a podcast.

We hope you'll be inspired to take up this challenge and we very much look forward to listening to you!