Publishing Your Humanities Book: Know Your Audience, Reach Your Readers

The Leslie Center for the Humanities will continue the editors' visit series this spring with the virtual workshop, "Publishing Your Humanities Book: Know Your Audience, Reach Your Readers" presented by Erica Wetter and Margo Irvin, Humanities editors at Stanford University Press.

Erica Wetter, Executive Editor, acquires books in Literature, Philosophy, and Religion. Her list encompasses work in political theory, art, media, and cultural studies, and she is particularly seeking projects that attempt to make significant critical interventions while asking questions of contemporary relevance. She welcomes accessible, broadly conceived projects on politics, gender, race, science, technology, and media and is especially open to discussing more interdisciplinary works as well as books that attempt some form of narrative innovation. Erica holds an MLIS and an MS in Environmental Studies and is also committed to publishing rigorous work in environmental humanities. Her portfolio includes several series, such as Text Technologies; Post45, Cultural Memory in the Present, Encountering Traditions, and Spiritual Phenomena. Before arriving at Stanford, Erica was Publisher at Routledge, where she oversaw the US Media and Cultural Studies list and had the honor of working with authors including bell hooks, Kate Bornstein, Thomas Elsaesser, Joe Turow, Donna Haraway, and many others.
Areas of acquisition: Literature, Philosophy, and Religion.

Margo Irvin, Acquisitions Editor, acquires in history and Jewish studies. In history, Margo's list includes modern European and world history, colonial and modern Latin American history, and a new strand in American history with a particular focus on the history of the American West and transnational US histories. She is particularly interested in projects that take up questions around histories of empire, imperialism, and colonialism; nationalism and citizenship; migration and borderlands; the history of science, technology, computing, and information; and the intersections of medicine and health with gender and race. Margo acquires for two long-running interdisciplinary series: Asian America and Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture. She is also the press editor for Stanford Studies on Central and Eastern Europe and the Cold War International History Project series. She is especially interested in receiving pitches for books that contextualize historical events in ways that speak to audiences beyond academia and engage meaningfully with contemporary debates. Before coming to Stanford, Margo was an editor at Routledge, where she commissioned books on the history of the Americas.
Areas of acquisition: History and Jewish Studies.

The Leslie Center will be holding this spring's editors' visit via Zoom on Thursday, May 21st, 2020.

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