Celebrating Faculty Publications 2017

Deborah Nichols, Anthropology

Nichols, Deborah L. Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smith, eds.

Rethinking the Aztec Economy. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Nichols, Deborah L. and Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, eds.

 Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs. Oxford University Press, New York


Sergei Kan, Anthropology

Death in the Early 21st Century: Authority, Innovation, and Mortuary Rites

Co-edited with Sébastien P. Boret and Susan Long, Palgrave McMillan


Lewis Glinert, Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literature

The Story of Hebrew, Princeton Univ Press


Reiko Ohnuma, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Unfortunate Destiny: Animals in the Indian Buddhist Imagination, Oxford University Press


Julie Hruby, Classics

From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean, Oxbow


James Dobson, English and Creative Writing

Modernity and Autobiography in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary Representations of Communication and Transportation Technologies, Palgrave

Louis Renza, English emeriti

Dylan’s Autobiography of a Vocation, Bloomsbury Academic


Mary Flanagan, Film and Media Studies

Ghost Sentence, Atmosphere Press


Yasser Elhariry, French and Italian

Pacifist Invasions: Arabic, Translation, & the Postfrancophone Lyric, Liverpool University Press


Graziella Parati, French and Italian

Migrant Writers and Urban Space in Italy, Palgrave Macmillan


Veronika Fuechtner (German) and Douglas Haynes (History)

A Global History of Sexual Science, UC Press


Mark Bray, History

Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,  Melville House


Joshua Compton, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Persuasion and Communication in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity

Edited by Ben Jackson, James Dimmock, Josh Compton


David Plunkett, Philosophy 

The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics, Routledge

David Plunkett and Tristram McPherson


Ehud Benor, Religion

Ethical Monotheism: A Philosophy of Judaism. Abingdon, UK; New York, NY: Routledge.


Lynn Patyk, Russian

Written in Blood: Revolutionary Terrorism and Russian Literary Culture, 1861-1881, UW Press Wisconson


Antigua Kianny, Spanish and Portuguese

 Greña / Crazy Hair, Caracas: Lauki

 Mía y el regalo de Guaguau / Mía and the Gift from Guaguau, Sto. Dgo.: loqueleo


Sara Munoz, Spanish and Portuguese

 Andando se hace el camino

Calle Y Subjetividades Marginales, Iberoamericana  Vervuert


Jose delPino ed, Spanish and Portuguese

El impacto de la metropolis, Madrid: Iberoamericana-Vervuert