Meet the World Lecture Series

Noel Mukiza is native of Burundi who arrived in the United Stated in 2007 as Refugee. He was resettled in US form Tanzania where he lived in a Burundian refugee camp for 11 years. Prior to coming to the US, Noel Mukiza lived his entire life as refugee, being born of the parents who also were refugees. He was hire by USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) as  Case Manager with Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program in 2008 serving Refugees and Asylee. Since then he took on different responsibilities within the agency including Case Management, Cash Assistance Specialist and currently Resettlement Coordinator. Noel Mukiza is also a co-founder of the Burundian American Association of Vermont a non profit based in Burlington Vermont that provides social services to new American, mostly Burundians who resettled in the Burlington are.