Public screening of the experimental film "Refuge" by Viktor Witkowski

February 9 @ 5pm in Loewe Auditorium Live music score by Ezra Teboul  (Q & A after the screening,  followed by a reception in the Black Family Visual Arts Center)


"Refuge is an experimental 23-minute film which was shot in several cities across Germany in mid 2015. It focuses on the refugee crisis after Germany took in more then one million refugees, mainly from Syria. The film does not contain any dialogue. Instead of presenting a coherent narrative and a traditional way of documentary filmmaking, the film's sound and music take on an important role in both illustrating and interpreting the presented footage.

Refuge offers a reflection on recent German history from WW1 to the Berlin Wall, the country’s exceptional sense of responsibility to take those in who are fleeing war, and the conditions refugees face on a daily basis."